January 7th 2010

January 7th 2010

Today was an encouraging day.  We received some good news from the MRI last night, all of Makoa’s brain functions seem to be working properly.  He was able to feed briefly off a bottle and the feeding specialist worked with both him and Tiffany to see if we can get him to latch on.  Unfortunately, he is still very weak and we need to get him stronger.  It’s tough to realize that we are going to be leaving the hospital without our little man, but we are so grateful for the wonderful support group of friends and family.

Here is Makoa’s home for the undetermined future.  Grammy is currently working on a more suitable blanket for our little man, and his sister and cousins have adorned his Panda Warmer with cards and decorations.  

We are all optimistic that he will get stronger and we put our faith in God that he will lead us down the path he has chosen for us.  We continue to ask for you prayer and support and are so thankful for the wonderful friends and family we have.

  • The Kalama Ohana
    Posted at 19:18h, 07 January

    Hey Makoa,

    We look forward to seeing you join your sister and brother…I know they are excited to see you and give you kisses. We love you all and are praying for life to “normalize” asap!!!! Thanks for keeping us updated!!

    The Kalama’s

  • Jayme Blackmon
    Posted at 19:19h, 07 January

    Keeping my fingers crossed and sending up some prayers man. Looks like a fighter bro.

  • Sharon Priddy
    Posted at 19:34h, 07 January

    Lindsey and Tiffany we are praying for Makoa, for complete healing in his little body and for each of you for comfort, strength both emotional and physical and faith to continue to trust in our great and gracious God. I pray that God will watch over the entire family giving each one what he/she needs during this difficult time of waiting. We also rejoice in this new life, precious Makoa!!

  • Joni Pratte
    Posted at 19:55h, 07 January

    Tiff and Lindsey,
    You are in our hearts and prayers. We know your love is strong and will help to heal Makoa. Please know that if there is anything that the Pratte family can do we will be there. God bless!

  • Brenda, Ashley,Anna & Jody
    Posted at 06:34h, 08 January

    Praying for Little Makoa!! He’s beautiful and we are thinking of you and Tiffany, I’m keeping your Grandfather and Mema Ruth updated. They will be calling you soon. BE STRONG!! We Love and Miss you…. Please keep us updated.

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