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January 18th 2010

18 Jan

It’s officially been two weeks since we had Makoa and what and improvement we’ve seen in that time.  Tomorrow is his actual due-date, and he’s looking more put-together everyday.  Every time we hold him he’s getting stronger, feeding longer, and showing us his determination.   

We spent most of the day at the hospital with Makoa.  Both Tiffany and I took turns feeding him a bottle today, both times he took 22 cc’s, a new personal best.  Of course he is physically exhausted afterwards, but we need to keep challenging him and getting him to feed.  He will have to take eight feedings of 45 cc’s per day before we can take him home.  We definitely have a way to go in reaching that goal, but we are seeing the progress and that is exciting.

I’ll leave you tonight with a couple videos we shot today.  One is Makoa and the biggest smile you will ever see, it’s absolutely the cutest thing you’ll ever see.  The second is, well… me being me.