My Three Mom’s

10 Jan

All of our family members have been fantastic this past week.  My Mom has put her life on hold and will be staying with us to help us with whatever we need.  I know it has been difficult on her, as it has everyone.  My Mom’s great friends Siri and Diane flew down from San Francisco this past weekend to just be there for my Mom, help her in whatever way she needed.  I know it was a great boost for her and I know it meant the world to her.  Thanks Siri & Diane!

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  1. Hal 10. Jan, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    The support sometimes need support! Laurie is amazing and it’s not surprising that she has amazing friends.

  2. Lala 11. Jan, 2010 at 9:57 pm #

    Thank you, Hal for your comment above.

    Itʻs so amazing how the generosity, graciousness and caring concern from others can heal the spirit. This has been so evident in the progress of our little guy due in large part to those who have offered their prayers and thoughts.

    Diane and Siri (who I havenʻt seen in over a year) descended upon me with arms fully open and with the clarity to hold me up when even I was unaware of the depth of my exhaustion. Their ability to “initiate and conquer” the tasks at hand – from cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, caring for Kaia and Noa while I went to the doctors (for treatment of a nasty sinus infection), to shooting hoops in the backyard and acing a game of Wii…these two childless, corporate women knew how to get down and dirty. Gotta love it!

    My personal thanks also to nephew Jamie and his S.O. Kim for aiding in my rescue on a particularly challenging day when navigating the LA freeways alone would have surely put me over the edge!

    The Neumeier Family has been extraordinary in their collective efforts to offer support to the Breedens – I have yet to be able to define in a single word what makes this family so special; they embody a spirit of cohesiveness and commitment that goes beyond the norm and which, under challenging circumstances, is amplified a million times over. I am forever thankful for all they have done for my son – I know Lindseyʻs father would also share these sentiments.

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