Little Mad Man

23 Feb

Most parents don’t want to have their children cry, but that’s not the case for us.  Part of the Prader Willi Syndrome is the low muscle tone which in turn effects his vocal prowess.  To Tiffany and I, he is very much like our other children.  Makoa definitely takes longer to eat, but if we were first time parents, we wouldn’t really think much of it.  Really, the only alarm for us has been the fact that he doesn’t cry.  Some might say we have the perfect baby because he doesn’t cry.  I agree that he’s the perfect baby, but we really love it when he gets “feisty” as we say.

The last couple days have been great as we have seen him become more active and vocalize his displeasure if he hungry or getting too many kisses from his big brother.

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  1. The Kalama Ohana 25. Feb, 2010 at 12:12 am #

    He’s blessed to have the perfect mommy and daddy, brother and sister…got to chat with grma and grpa the other day…sounds like things are moving along. Heard there’s another grandchild on the way…gheez…does your family time it so each cousin has a playmate? Makoa will have a perfect playmate!

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