January 13th 2010

13 Jan

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired.  Tiffany and I have finally come to the conclusion that we need to take care of ourselves too.  Driving back and forth, working, dealing with our emotions, these are all physically taxing.  Emotionally, I feel very strong, physically I’m starting to fade.  Hopefully a good night of sleep will do the trick!

Despite having to be put back on oxygen this morning, Makoa is doing well.  We are staying in Manhattan Beach tonight which is much more convenient, not only for work, but the proximity to the hospital as well.  It allows me to spend more time at the Torrance Memorial with Makoa.  He was such a sweet little boy tonight, opening his eyes for us, and making a valiant effort to breast feed.  He made it over 10 minutes on one side.  That is a huge accomplishment and step in the right direction for Makoa and his journey to complete health.

We are so blessed to have Makoa and just as blessed to have run into so many “Angels” along our journey thus far.  In my post earlier this week, I quoted a poem by Elizabeth Browing in which the first line said: “Earth’s crammed with Heaven”.  Amen!  Is it ever!  I’d like to talk about a specific experience that really shows the grace of God given through a stranger.

It was the 2nd day of being in the NICU and Tiffany was outside with her parents and sister, very upset about the situation with Makoa.  A woman named Gina approached them and explained that she had twins in the NICU and that she knew what Tiffany was going through.  She asked everyone to hold hands and pray.  I wasn’t there, but I could see it had a profound impact on everyone from the tears on their faces.

The reason I bring it up, is not only to show the amazing grace that God spreads on this Earth, but also to thank Gina for comforting a stranger in need.  That is why tonight I ask you to pray for Gina’s son Joey.  His sister has already returned home, but Joey is still in NICU, slated to go home on Friday.

While we continue to pray for Makoa and his health and strength, I don’t want to forget about the other children who share the same NICU has him.  I pray for their health as well.

3 Responses to “January 13th 2010”

  1. Lydia Kniffin 13. Jan, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    Baby Makoa,
    You look like your daddy. He’s a pretty cool guy, so besides everyone who loves you, you’ve got that going for you too!
    Hugs and kisses from the Kniffins!

  2. Jeff 14. Jan, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    Very inspirational bro. Kendra and I will keep saying our prayers for Baby Makoa. If you need anything, we are in Redondo. Just ask and we’ll be there.

  3. Dan Bauchiero 14. Jan, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    Man, you continue to impress every day. I’ve known Tiffany our whole lives and love her dearly. She is an absolutely amazing woman! As awesome as this blog is to keep updated on Makoa, it is equally awesome to see what a great MAN she has found. Makoa, you couldn’t have asked for better parents.
    We continue to pray for you at every meal and every night we go to bed. Let tomorrow be a day of progress.
    We love you all, The Bauchiero’s

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