January 11th 2010

11 Jan

The big move…

No, not that move to Children’s Hospital, but a move to the fifth floor NICU where all of the babies who aren’t critical go.  While Makoa was never critical, it’s fantastic to be surrounded by babies who have graduated from the 3rd floor and are ready to go home.

Tiffany arrived early and spent the day with Makoa.  It was another day of good news and improvement of strength for the little man.  They performed an early morning eye exam which he passed with flying colors.  Tiffany also got encouragement from a very unlikely source.  If you remember our friend with the not-so-awesome bedside manners?  We’ll, I’d like to think that God has done a work in him as well.  He has taken the time to explain things to Tiffany and talk with her, giving her hope and promise for Makoa’s health.  He has been impressed with his strength and improvement and has now shifted to “eliminating things” as opposed to “finding things” in his blood tests.  There is still a long way to go, but we seem to have the “tough-guy” on board.  He was even advocating for our move to Children’s Hospital for the convenience of our family.

We did find out this afternoon that the transfer won’t be happening.  Since he is completely stable, there is no reason for the move besides convenience, and let’s face it… that’s not something insurance companies care about.  Tiffany and I are both at peace with the decision.  We pushed it really hard in the beginning because we had such good connections and it was much closer to our house.  We backed off a bit and really asked God to lead us to the correct spot for Makoa.  Tiffany also had an interesting conversation with that same doctor (who we found out is actually the lead of all the neonatologist) and he told us that he used to work at Children’s but decided to come to Torrance for the one-on-one attention he can give with the patients.

He wasn’t the first one to mention it, but a few people said that because Makoa is very stable, that he would most likely be looked at by a team of interns and fellows.  It definitely makes sense because Children’s is really for the kids who have serious life-threatening illnesses or need things like heart transplants.  Torrance Memorial has done a fantastic job of doing exactly what he needs which is feeding.  Makoa and Tiffany are working with the feeding specialists everyday, trying to develop the technique that is most successful for him.

We definitely haven’t given up on Children’s Hospital.  We will continue to pray that if it’s meant to be then we will eventually  make it over there.  I’d like to thank Jenny Hull for all of her hard work in trying to get us into Children’s.  She had pretty much set the entire thing up for us.  I know the wonders that Children’s Hospital had done for her daughter Josie, and we are beyond grateful for her reaching out and helping us out.

So where does this leave us?  Well, it looks like we’ll be driving for a bit.  We’re staying tonight at Grammy & Papa’s in Manhattan Beach which is very convenient for both work and seeing Makoa.  We are going to take it day by day and see where God takes us.  We received our first estimate today of when Makoa might be coming home, 4-6 weeks.  That’s a time frame that we can live with.  Let’s pray that he lives by his name “fearless” and comes home sooner.

3 Responses to “January 11th 2010”

  1. The Kalama Ohana 12. Jan, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    He looks great! Got some long volleyball limbs on him…go Makoa! Praying for him to come home much quicker that predicted…to God be the glory…a testimony to His mighty works!

  2. Aimee 12. Jan, 2010 at 11:02 am #

    YEAH! :) Great news!!! I’m so HAPPPPEEE that he is “moving on up” and is stabilizing. He’s such a trooper as are you parents!

  3. The Bretschneiders 12. Jan, 2010 at 11:14 am #

    Breeden Ohana–sounds like pretty good news. He looks like a lanky one–volleyball or basketball, anyone? This time will pass and you will soon enough find your little family back home and growing. Take it slow. It is unfolding as it should. Love you. The B’s

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