4 months

5 May

4 months already. Makoa now weighs 11.7 lbs, and is 23.5 inches long, he is on the charts!!! He also has meet all his congnitive marks. Little behind is gross motor, but just in the neck, everything else is right on track. So close with the holding of his head. Loves his sister and brother, his hands, smiling, and his little stuffed hippo. He is such a fighter and such a hard worker. We are soooo proud of him.
Do I have the best pouty face or what?

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  1. The Kalama Ohana 11. May, 2010 at 12:27 am #

    Glad he is back home…excited for Jess to get to hang out with all of you and see this little guy! God Bless…

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